Farshad Shirzadi, the visionary behind HEAD2SOLE, was born in Afghanistan and faced immense challenges from the start. Fleeing their homeland due to insecurity, Farshad and his family sought refuge in Australia, where he tirelessly worked to support them. Once an aspiring Olympic boxer, fate had other plans in store for him.

After several entrepreneurial ventures that did not succeed, Farshad decided to turn his passion for sneakers and fashion into a business. He was determined to make exclusive, trendy streetwear accessible and affordable to everyone. His compassionate spirit also drove him to give back to the community that had welcomed him with open arms.

In 2020, amidst the uncertainty of a post-COVID world, Farshad took a leap of faith and founded Head2Sole. The company experienced remarkable growth in its first year, fueled by the surging popularity of sneakers and streetwear. By 2022, Farshad opened a second store, specializing in rare items that were previously unavailable in Australia, offering the most sought-after streetwear pieces.

Now, in 2023, the HEAD2SOLE family has expanded to include nine incredibly talented individuals, united by a shared goal of using their unique skills to propel the business forward. Our tight-knit, family-oriented team is committed to fostering a sense of community and continuing Farshad's vision of giving back. Together, we are dedicated to not only providing exceptional products but also making a positive impact on the community that has supported us throughout our journey.

As HEAD2SOLE continues to flourish, we remain focused on our core values of inclusivity, affordability, and community engagement. We strive to make a difference by organizing local events, supporting charitable initiatives, and creating meaningful partnerships with organizations that align with our mission.

With each passing year, Head2Sole's reach extends further, bringing unique and affordable streetwear to more people while maintaining our strong commitment to social responsibility. We are incredibly grateful for the support of our loyal customers and the wider community, who have been integral to our success.

Looking ahead, we are excited to explore new opportunities, expand our product range, and grow our community impact. At HEAD2SOLE, we truly believe that together, we can make a difference, one sneaker and streetwear piece at a time. Join us as we continue on this inspiring journey, where passion and purpose unite to create a brighter future for all.